23 inch(Diagonally Measured) Anti-glare(matte) Screen Protector for HP,Dell,Samsung,Lenovo Sony LCD Monitor,LED Monitor,all-in-one desktops

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23 inch(Diagonally Measured) Anti-glare(matte) Screen Protector Filter for LCD Monitor,LED Monitor,all-in-one desktops Size:510x287 mm viewable widthxviewable height Total thickness:025±0.01mm Transparency:>92% Rigidity:3H Haze:9.5% Heat-Resistant:130°Cx2 Hours Temperature In Work:-10°C-80 °C Anti-Glare Screen Protective Film Features: - PET layer of the surface by a special AG(Anti-glare) processing,effectively eliminate the dazzling phenomenon caused by light - With normal LCD screen protective film feathre of high-transmittance and anti-static. - The surface after HC treatment,with 3H hardness can avoid the screen from scratchs and abrasions. - Unique automatic adsorption layer of silicone screen.without leaving adhesive residue,will not cause any harm to the screen. - Reduces 90% of UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light, Protecting your Eyes How to use Anti-Glare Screen Protective Film: A:Wipe your LCD screen with Cleaning Cloth,Do not leave any dust or dots. B:Rip off Paper 1 about 3-5cm.Then stick it to one side of LCD Screen. C:Make the paper smooth with your credit card while ripping off Paper 1. D:Finally,Rip off Paper 2. TIPS for Anti-Glare Screen Protective Film: - LCD screen protective film veneer made of special silicone,without glue and other corrosive elements.do not hurt the screen; - Screen injury caused by wiping or other man-made factors has nothing to do with product quality;Suggestion using professional LCD clean kits; - As consumable,non-reusable,it is damaged or bubbled by human factors has nothing to do with the product itself,not belong to after service; - Preserving environment:25°C indoor,relative humidity of 65% better. Package Included: 1 x Anti-Glare Screen Protective Film

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