Clip-On Rear View Mirror for PC Monitors or Anywhere by Modtek

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as of 06/06/2023 (Details)

Are you constantly worried about someone sneaking up behind you at home or the office and seeing something on your screen that you don't want them to see? Or are you in the middle of an intense gaming session and getting startled could mean certain death? Modtek, a leader in unique computer modding peripherals, has your solution! This fully adjustable rear view mirror is made to simply and easily clip on or stick (with our included dual-sided adhesive) to any PC monitor or laptop screen. Your peripheral vision alerts you to parents, roommates, co-workers or your significant other approaching so you can quickly change whatever you have on your screen if necessary. Whether you're at your desk at home or your cubicle, you'll never have to be afraid of getting unexpectedly startled again. No more fretting over someone looking over your shoulder without you noticing. Attach the Modtek Computer Rear View Mirror to your screen today!

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