Mobi Lock Privacy Screen Protector | Compatible with 13 Inch MacBook Air | Blocks Prying Eyes from Seeing Your Screen from The Sides & Durable

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Mobi Lock is a leader in screen privacy and filter protection because its filter screen privacy product has advanced optical technology to promote visual privacy and protection. This laptop privacy screen and filter protector keeps your information confidential (business and personal).Top Security Performance Nowadays, our laptops are filled with sensitive personal data, so to keep it from prying eyes, the privacy screens for laptops and for MacBook Air keeps your information for your eyes only. The increase of mobile workers, open workspaces and the migration of data to the cloud, screens can display private data thus with this screen protector and display privacy protector, your confidential data remains secure. Without this screen protector laptop privacy, you can expose sensitive and private information, trade secrets and business plans but with this 13.6 inch display filter and privacy laptop screen protector, a large-scale data breach can be prevented. The laptop screen cover's privacy is effective for areas like airports, airplanes, trains, coffee shops and other public places.Premium Materials Behind the simplicity of screen privacy protector is a powerful optical science, the screen protector features Microlouver Technology optimized to improve its performance. The laptop privacy screen Macbook works by blocking side views outside the 60 degree viewing angle, while providing a crisp, clear and undistorted view to those directly in front of the Macbook display screen. Multi-functional Aside from protection, the MacBook Air 13 inch screen protector is easy to use, lightweight, thin and has frameless design. The privacy screen and protector reduces 99% of UV emission from the LCD screen which greatly reduces eye fatigue. Finally, the Mobi Lock Privacy screen protector acts as your first line of defense against scratches of your MacBook Air computer or laptop.

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