POSRUS Antiglare Touch Screen Protector for 17″ Touch Screen or LCD Screen – 13.305″ x 10.64″ (339mm x 272mm)

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as of 11/30/2023 (Details)

This 17" Touch Screen Protector is designed for any LCD touch screen with the following display dimensions (measurements apply to the viewable area of the screen) : 339mm X 272mm or 13.305 inches X 10.64 inches These protectors are cut to fit these exact dimensions and are NOT trimmable. If you need a trimmable protector, please look in our store for our Antiglare Antifingerprint Trimmable Screen Protectors or contact us directly for a protector custom-made to your specifications. When in doubt, please contact us. These patented Touchscreen Protectors are made of durable, 0.005" thin material, yet are stiff enough to stay flat on the screen without warping during use. They install easily and leave absolutely NO AIR BUBBLES between the film and the touch screen. You won't even notice that it's there! In addition, our touchscreen protectors provide a pleasant-feeling touch surface, reduced glare, and can be easily removed without leaving any kind of residue. These protectors are manufactured and sold exclusively by POSRUS. If you don't buy it from POSRUS, you're getting something else!

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